LIVE WIRES - BRITISH CHAMPIONS 2007/2011/2012/2013


After years of being 'Oh so close' this was our year, again Susan captained two teams to Crufts.

Warrington Warriors battled well on the Thursday to again qualify for the semi-finals on Saturday but unfortunately were sadly knocked out of the competition by a strong Rotherham Refocused team.  The Warriors team consisted of Badger Smit, Merlin McGlinchey, Koda Rainey, Bo Jangles Hodge, Skye Caddell and Jody Shackleton with Carole Spencer on the box, Team Captain Shaun McDermott watching the line, ball collector Howard Jones and line starter Sam Jones.

Warrington Wizzards also qualigied for the semi-finals on Saturday and low and behold progressed through to the final on Sunday... with nerves jangling they entered the ring and won against strong comeptition from Four Paws Racing.  They were neck a neck through the course of the Competition taking it in turns to be daily winners.  The Wizzards team consisted of Skye McLeod, River McDermott, Phar Jones, Cassie Alcock, Isla McDermott and Oscar Astbury-Lyon with David Shackleton on the box, Team Captain Howard Jones watching the line and Lynda Lyon ball collecting.


What a thoroughly exhilirating four days!