Club Rules May 2017


WDC OFFICERS 2016 - 2017

(Also see Introduction page (Club Information) for Committee details)

Flyball Team Manager & Show Organisation : Anne Alcock

Chairman / Social Secretary: Paul Astbury  

Vice Chair: Sue McGlinchey

Treasurer / Team Kit: Viv Shackleton    

Secretary: Vicky Sweeney   

Minutes Secretary/Availability: Samantha Jones

Webmaster (Ex officio position): Howard Jones

Crufts/Sponsorship liaison: Susan McDermott 

Equipment: Geoff Alcock

Club Representative: Jessica Rainey

Club Representative: Maurice Hogarth   


(Website version of full WDC rules)


Section 1 - Committee & Officers.

Section 2 – General Meetings.

Section 3 - Membership & Fees.

Section 4 - Flyball Teams.

Section 5 – Other Events & Activities.              

Section 6 - Code of Ethics.                                   

Addendum 1- Publications available.

Addendum 2- BFA Team names and Registrations   


Name & Objective

The club is Warrington & District Dog Club (WDC) and its objective is to encourage dog owners in the region to have a caring approach to training their dogs by introducing activities which promote their dog’s good health & fitness.   

Bank accounts and assets in the name of WDC are entrusted to 3 officers from the Committee – Team Manager, Chairman and Treasurer. Where necessary these assets will be dealt with by just those officers as they see fit.

The club is registered with British Flyball Association – (BFA) in order to run teams in National competitions. We will follow the BFA rules which promote co-operation and good sportsmanship.  

Committee & Officers

Officers are appointed to carry out the duties. The Flyball Team Manager (approved by the BFA) shall always be one of the officers on the Committee. Officers duties are listed in ‘Officers’, Page 2. Flyball Captains are represented on the Committee, by virtue of their current position. They operate as a subcommittee and have separate meetings. 

The Committee is responsible for the enforcement of the club & BFA rules and policies, arranging team registration, team training and competitions, further club activities, and social events.

Committee meetings are arranged at the committee’s discretion (minimum 2 a year). To be legal, the meetings need to be attended by 5 members of the Committee (a quorum). 

Except Team Manager, Committee members are eligible for re-election annually at the AGM by a majority vote of those club members present. If a position becomes vacant or a specific task needs organising the Committee can co-opt members on to the Committee that will remain to carry out duties until the next AGM or form additional subcommittees. 

During the year, providing there isn’t any change in policy or meaning, the Committee can make minor modifications to club rules and notify members at the AGM or before. Otherwise no new rule can be made or altered except at and AGM or EGM. 

Committee Officials must always comply with WDC Code of Ethics otherwise they could be asked to resign. 

Committee business (including any sub-Committees is confidential and must not be discussed - by word of mouth, email, telephone or on networking sites - with WDC members, other BFA members or teams before it is made public. 


The committee duties are as follows:


Oversees and facilitates the activities of the Committee and Heads discussions etc for committee meetings, AGM’s & EGM’s; Negotiates between members and Team Manager in the event of a dispute. 


Takes the Chair for Meetings if the Chairman be unavailable and available to Chair other sub Committees formed in future or take on tasks not covered by other Committee members 


Examines and certifies expenditures provided by the Team Manager, and reports on the current financial standing at AGM’s and meetings. The Officer keeps a register of WDC assets over the value of £50.   


Liaising with the Team Manager is responsible for the administrative duties of the WDC including:  BFA Website postings, Updating team’s results, Mailing & Correspondence,  Providing the WDC Rules & Policies booklet (or other relevant publications to members  as required.


Organises and runs social events throughout the year, provides a list of proposed dates and arranges bookings. 


Takes minutes of the AGM and all Committee meetings. The minutes and action plans then made available for the next meeting.


Looks after the Bank Account and arranges money collection.   


Registrations, training courses & team practices, training for members on competition rules & tournament judging/administration.


Insurances, team and individual statistics and will decide with Captains on the training methods and regime.    


Competition entries & teams.

Keeps records:

Of members, dogs, BFA team’s & Committee.      


Dates of competitions/events and information for Treasurer, meetings, club reps and webmaster.


That are outside the General Committee, liaise with the Team Manager to organise/assist coaching the team/group they run at training sessions.  For competitions they will check their team’s availability; coordinate travel arrangements; arrange for the transport & maintenance of equipment.   


On a regular basis maintains contact with the Team Manager and updates the website to keep members informed of all club activities, dates, results & achievements. For prospective members:- basic flyball information, contact numbers and a map showing our location. Various links maintained with the British Flyball Association, EFC & Kennel Club, other relevant sites/sponsors and our private Facebook group. 


Up to 4 other members can be appointed to be on the committee at the AGM. – OR/AND - the committee can appoint members at their discretion during the year. These members will be given specific responsibilities or head subcommittee(s) not currently covered by committee members.


Annual General Meeting

The AGM shall be held as close as possible to the end of the club’s financial year (March 31st ) each year. The Secretary gives a minimum of 30 days’ notice to club members. Committee or rule nominations proposed by a current club member needs seconding by at least one other member and sent in writing  to the Secretary (or TM) 21 days before the date of the AGM and agenda items need to be sent to the Secretary (or TM) 14 days before the date of the AGM.    

The AGM, attended by members is held to:

Receive the annual Balance Sheet, Committee & Financial reports.

Elect available members of the Committee & vote on rule changes.

Discuss any other business of which prior notice has been given to the Secretary (or TM).  

Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time, assembled within 28 days on the requisition of 50 % of the membership. The purpose of the meeting is to be sent in writing to the Secretary (or TM). The business will be limited to one item of business. The Committee may call an EGM at any time. 


Club and Committee members at the AGM shall decide items that require a vote. However, if the Committee, consider any item of sufficient importance to reach all club members, a postal vote following the AGM can be arranged.

If there is a tie on any voting issue, the Chairperson has a casting vote, to decide the outcome. 



Is open to any adult or child with a dog to train, or actively involved in helping teams (eg box-loaders) and Social (not training a dog). Handlers are Full, OAP or Junior members and their dog needs to have attended a course organised by the WDC or can provide evidence that they have attended a similar course run by another BFA or International club. 

Handlers/dogs from other BFA clubs wishing to join may be vetted by a small panel from the Committee and a reference requested from their previous club captain, before they are accepted.

The dog should be fully fit, not unduly aggressive to other dogs/people and evidence provided that it has been fully protected against canine diseases. 

If the dog is under 12 months of age evidence is required to show that it has attended obedience classes. 

Puppies will not receive the same level of training. See Starter teams.  

Warrington & District Dog Club Members 

Will be allowed to:-

Vote annually at the club AGM or EGM.

Pay the current minimum charge for attendance at all training sessions.

Use the grounds for additional dog training at other times - subject to prior approval from the owner of the venue (when a small charge may be requested) 


The use of the training venue and bar facilities for social occasions and meetings will normally be available to all those attending training, along with their guests.  

Membership Fees

Will include :

Annual fees for Single, Joint, Junior (u18), Social and OAP members.

Other Fees*, reviewable annually, will be charged for attendance at training sessions & towards Competition entries.  

*New recruits will be encouraged to join the club after they have attended training on 6 occasions. They will pay the current non-member fee. Once these become full members they pay reduced training fees. 

Club Funds

In any year, we aim to build up sufficient funds to cover:   

Promotions & Advertising.

Entry & Registration Fees.

Hire of outdoor or indoor facilities.

Equipment renewal, repair or maintenance.

Team kit purchase (repaid by members).

Administration costs for postage, printing.

Insurances and website etc.


Flyball Members

Flyball members are also members of WDC therefore eligible to attend courses, training sessions, practices and competitions on the premises, at other local indoor venues or at other club training or competition venues. 

Open Competitions

Our premier BFA registered team is called ‘LIVE WIRES’. The club has several further registered names that will be used for competitions (see Addendum page for details). A Multi-breed team if organised, has been allocated the name of ‘CROSS WIRES’.  

Additional team names can be added at any time. 

All open teams train at our home venue or other suitable local ones.

Individuals in teams (ie. team captains, handlers, box-loaders, judges and helpers in the ring), must be paid up club members and open team members must also be individually registered with the BFA.  

No dog under 18 months of age can compete in sanctioned Open competitions.     

Starter Teams

Beginner dogs will be eligible to compete in Starter flyball events. Prior to this they must have attended a flyball course (run by any UK registered club) and be attending training sessions. (also see FEES in relation to this)

Teams will be formed to enter starter events. They can use ‘WIRE’ derivatives as part of the name - not those being used by Open or Multi-Breed teams or choose a name for themselves.

No dog under 12 months of age can compete in competitions.

Team Promotion and Organisation

The philosophy is to provide a training centre for a series of flyball teams. Under our present LIVE WIRES primary name, several teams may be entered in open competitions in their own registered BFA team names (as per Open Teams).

The aim of WDC is to build good teams, capable of competing in competitions. Beginner dogs will be eligible to run in Starter teams until they are capable and old enough to compete in the open events (as per Starter teams). ‘OPEN’ Dogs shall ONLY compete for teams organised by LIVE WIRES.

There will be a hierarchical structure whereby dogs can move up the teams according to their course times and providing they fit in to the squad, regarding temperament etc.  

If we take part in MULTI-BREED EVENTS it will be arranged according to breeds of dogs available – ie. we need 4 different breeds at least - to form a team. Dogs in Multi-Breed teams will also be able to compete in normal Open teams - but not during the same weekend.    

Members will be advised of the best way to keep their dogs fit for competition. For their own safety dogs that are overweight, recovering from an operation, in season or injured will not be raced in practices or competitions until they are fit to do so. 

Open fun teams:

With Team Manager’s approval these can also be arranged, with their own captain(s), and registered by one of the Secondary names. These will not be part of the hierarchical structure and will race for fun rather than to compete for places. 

Teams for Crufts Senior or YKC competition:

Will be organised separately by a small Committee including the Team Manager and other WDC members as appropriate. Prior to entry in Crufts qualifiers the club should ensure handlers and dogs are willing and capable enough to compete. WDC members are expected to form the majority of the teams, but if there are insufficient dogs a minority of dogs from other flyball clubs could also be included. 

If there aren’t enough dogs from WDC to form a team, club members that wish to attempt qualification may be able to create their own team external to WDC, or with the agreement of the Team Manager and Chairman, run for other teams. 


Members of WDC, on renewal of their membership fees (from April annually) are contracted for 12 months.  Whilst contracted if they wish to resign to join another BFA team, as courtesy they need let the Team Manager know in writing, giving a 2 month notification.

They, or their new Team Captain should also send details to the BFA Membership Secretary of their date of leaving and the team they are joining. If this coincides with our membership renewal date then their WDC membership would automatically cease and they could leave.   

Training and Courses

Training sessions will be arranged regularly for club members to enable the organisation of teams for competitions. These will take place at our home venue or another local centre for indoor or other special events/competitions.

As required there will be :-

Courses or Induction days to recruit new members. 

Use of advertising media such as Newspapers, TV & Radio or the Internet.  

To improve our overall standard members will be advised of external courses available or other club trainers may be invited to the club.          

WDC Assistance

The club will provide advice to assist individuals, teams or groups who having attended a LIVE WIRES course wish to set up their own club at a different venue. This will include assisting with coaching, information on equipment or helping them host tournaments.


Club funds fall short of providing prizes and/or team kit and the club will continue to be actively seeking to gain additional funds by this method.  

Sponsors will be invited to:

Have their logo displayed on kit, equipment, our website, leaflets etc.

Attend any team practice or competition (where the club is involved).

Present the prizes at WDC /Live Wires tournaments.



For the following items in this section additional sub committees may be arranged to handle the additional organisation, training sessions and provide equipment.


The club will organise events at the ground for outdoor competitions (such as sanctioned flyball tournaments).

Expanding Club Facilities and Training

Additional dog training sections could still be added to the itinerary.  Such arrangements would need full approval of club members and the owner (s) of our home venue.  

Social Events & Money Raising Activities

This will be organised by the Committee to involve the local community and foster awareness of dog training activities in the area.

A social events calendar will be built into the club itinerary and administered by WDC Committee. Approval for on site events will be needed from the owner(s) of our home venue.

Veterinary Advice

To maintain contacts with Team Manager, local Veterinary/Chiropractor or Physiotherapy practices and take on board advice from qualified staff to help with the training, health and fitness of dogs in the club. Vets who are dog owners will be invited to join and participate in club activities.                                                                                                                                                             


Co-operation and good sportsmanship should be a way of life in training and competition. Participants shall always be courteous and friendly. They should not show displeasure with a dog, a competition judge, National representative, sponsor, host or spectator at training or competitions.

Training and exhibiting shall be carried out by such methods that maintain the best interests of the dog  

Club members:

Should always conduct themselves in a manner that would not bring discredit to Flyball  ie. BFA or WDC reflected in appropriate communication and behaviour........

At formal club meetings, flyball tournaments and at training sessions.  

On web based discussion forums  ie our club, BFA and other flyball websites.

On all social networking sites.(ie. Facebook, Twitter etc)

By abuse or severely disciplining of any dog under any circumstances. 

They shall always follow WDC and BFA rules and policies, showing their knowledge and understanding and should treat one another respectfully at all times and show a willingness to help with the training and it’s set up, running of Courses, Competitions, displays and  Social functions.      

The club was formed to promote the sport of flyball and other related canine activities. Our policy is to link people together with similar interests and to provide suitable training for them and their dogs.  

We take competition seriously and train hard to get the best from our dogs and teams. Our main aim is for enjoyment and collective achievement. A harmonious atmosphere will be encouraged and open policy observed.  Club members should feel free to discuss any concerns they have with training methods, teams or rules with anybody on the Committee and at any time.

The committee has a duty to encourage members to participate in the training of beginner handlers and dogs and also to arrange special training for handlers that will enable them all to be competent at judging and officiating at tournaments.


Should any member be guilty of either serious breaches of club or BFA rules, display disrespectful or abusive behaviour they will be disciplined as follows:- 

Firstly, given a warning.

Secondly, should further offences come to light may be suspended from some training & competitions;

Finally, if problems persist could be asked to leave the club.

The member may appeal to the Committee (within 7 days) for a special meeting with some officers of the Committee. Following the result of this meeting the decision of the WDDC Committee will be final.  

























CROSS WIRES (69D) - Multibreed.




The Team Manager/Captain is the one person in the club that is approved by the BFA to look after the club and she is the custodian of the ‘Live Wires’ name. As the BFA representative, the Team Manager/Captain is directly responsible for the actions of our members. However from our early years we arranged a Committee to organise club activities and a separate Captain’s group to run the teams.    It is important that all members have a basic knowledge & understanding of both the BFA and WDC rules.

 There is a Code, common to both our and BFA rules called the Code of Ethics.  All Associations set certain standards and we are no different. It is to protect you, our club and officials from unacceptable behaviour that can all too easily cause upset. When our rules were originally drawn up we took some phrases directly from the BFA rules.

Promote co-operation & good sportsmanship 

Be courteous and friendly

Not show displeasure – e.g.:- with judge, host or spectator

  “    Behave in such a way as to bring discredit to the sport   

  “    To severely discipline/maltreat a dog.

Someone found guilty of breaking the BFA code of ethics can be (and has been) suspended from attending competitions and we have our own Disciplinary code too. As far as possible, as captain I am able to protect you all from severe disciplinary measures the BFA will hand out, but in the end if something bad occurs it reflects badly on the club and is embarrassing to our members.

Following various problems members gave us over time, we put together a Code of Ethics/ Obligations sheet and this suggests ways you can improve standards to show cooperation with one another and those that run the club activities and it is included below.

Being one of, or the largest and most successful club in the UK others are just looking to knock us down a peg or two, so we can ill afford to get involved in any sort of skirmish. At shows we always need to be on our guard to ensure that Live Wires don’t get in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. To date we have had only had a handful of embarrassing moments – such as harassing judges for ‘bad’ decisions; heated rows near or in the ring, swearing or throwing insults at people.

Judges should only be questioned by your team captain; no-one else must get involved at all. Internal disagreements can again be picked up at competitions and construed wrongly – people gleefully laughing behind their hands, thinking the club is in trouble!!  Swearing or insults could involve severe BFA disciplinary action, so beware!

In our Code we added:

Treat each other respectfully

Be willing to help out at training & shows

It is just as important to behave yourself in the confines of our training ground so the same conditions apply. To maintain harmony, our members must respect and follow our rules.  Your conduct is always important and it shouldn’t need to be said but helping one another, your captains etc., being fully cooperative and respectful will maintain an enjoyable atmosphere. Remember there could be new people in attendance at our ground so we don’t want to give them the wrong impression – or they’ll not come back!

Our own Disciplinary Code means anyone committing a serious breach of club rules can be dealt with. It is a protection mechanism which thankfully we haven’t had to operate to any degree as yet and I hope we won’t. A warning is issued initially and subsequently should further similar breaches occur the member could be suspended for a period. Let’s hope this will never happen in our club but a continual offender could finally be asked to find another club. It is regretful we have these rules but after all it is you & our club name we are protecting. (See Rules & Policies – Section 6)

So please adhere to our and BFA’s Code of Ethics. 

A cut down version of our rules is on this website.  We also have a hard copy and other booklets useful to you. We can provide copies for every one of Rules and Policies, ‘Judging at Shows’ also Beginners and Captain’s Guidelines.  Anyone wanting copies should speak to the Team Manager or a Committee member.


Summary of guidelines provided for members

A. Introduction

This document provides a summary of your obligations as a member of Live Wires Flyball and WDDC. It is also important that you are aware of and operate in accordance with the following three documents. These provide further details of the club rules and principles that you should abide by :-   i) WDDC aims objectives and policies    ii) WDDC Code of Conduct     iii) BFA Rules (on BFA website – administrative section)       

B. General

+ Members must understand and strictly follow the BFA & WDDC rules and our Code of Ethics 

+ Cooperation and sportsmanship is required by members at training & competitions

+ A harmonious atmosphere is encouraged in the club and an open policy observed

+ Members must conduct themselves so as not to bring the club into disrepute.  

Also, without gaining Committee approval first they shouldn’t contact the whole membership directly by email.

+ Member’s dogs should be protected against *common diseases and a certificate should to be   available for either a Team Manager/ Committee Member/Accounts Officer to see when you renew your annual membership (April each year).

 C. Training, Exercise & Diet

+ Team members should be available for the majority of training sessions but should inform their team captain in advance if they find they are unable to attend.

+ Those members absenting themselves from training for long periods of time without good reason could lose their team place.  

+ Between training sessions members should endeavour to keep their dogs fit and on a healthy diet

+ Members should where possible endeavour to give their dogs’ regular exercise off the lead. 

+ Always…report for training 15 minutes before the time stated

             … Be available to help with equipment positioning & removal either at the start or end

             … Follow your captain’s instructions

             … Avoid a situation whereby dogs could get involved in skirmishes  (ie eyeballing)  

             … Dog in the back-run area or standing in the pathway of another dog returning etc.)

             … Clear up after your dog and place in nearest bin or bin bag

+ Never ….have your dog off the lead when not involved in a training exercise or racing

 D. At Competitions

+ All members need to let the Club Reps know when available for forthcoming competitions. This must be in by the deadline date or you risk not being able to race your dog in some events.  

You must inform your own team captain immediately if on any date you become unavailable or can   only attend one day, not two.

It is expected each dog should be available for as many shows as possible, except in consideration of work or family commitments.

+ Members are responsible for checking the competition team lists posted on the club web-site or Facebook for reporting times etc.

Inform your captain ASAP should you become unavailable, so a replacement can be found.

+ No member should refuse to take part in any team or with any other dog/handler or team captain for any reason …

 … If there is a problem then you should discuss it with your own team captain or the Team Manager.

+ Never … In the vicinity of the ring have your dog off the lead,

                Always pick up after your dog, then dispose of it.

                Avoid over-exercising or over-feeding your dog between races.

+ Arrive on time for the show (if inexplicably you are delayed contact your captain) and keep a check on your race times so you are by the ring in time and don’t have to be chased!

+ Wear team colours for all competitions and displays.

+ Except in an emergency Live Wires dogs will only be handled by one of our fully paid up members.

+ You shouldn’t argue, swear or behave at shows (or training) in an aggressive or disrespectful manner (which could bring the club into disrepute)

 To: - officials   -   judges   -   or any of our, or other team members   

+ At any show, if you are upset about:-

   Any situation/another member/member of another team/judge’s decision etc.

   You should personally report this to your team captain 

On the day if possible - as soon after as you can but not directly to anyone else - as your   captain or Team Manager etc. shall deal with it. 

Regarding any individual Live Wires member and /or dog -    Flyballers from other Teams    - BFA Officials you should refrain from unnecessary gossip that could be likely to bring the club into disrepute.

+ be prepared… to help at shows with ring partying and to give our other teams help where needed

(A rota system for ring partying will be available per show but volunteers gratefully accepted!!)

+ If you are unable to stay to the end of the show to collect your rosettes or BFA awards don’t expect anyone else to do so. If you want them you need to make your own arrangements, or do without!

+ At Live Wires shows we’d like each member to help at some time over the three days 

   Friday [usually pm only]    -   Saturday and/or Sunday - Because of this we don’t charge any competition fee.

We’d like everyone to be available two days from 3, though you are not expected to stay all day.

On Sunday evening after racing we need as many as possible to help dismantle the rings/put equipment way.

(A rota is organised at the weekend to fit in with when you are racing).

E. BFA Teams

+ If a member wishes to leave Live Wires to join another BFA team/club, our rules specify you should inform the Team Manager in writing giving 2 months notification. If you wish, you can continue to race for Live Wires until this period has expired. 

 This doesn’t apply to those giving up Flyball completely or setting up their own Flyball team – though it is a matter of courtesy to let the Team Manager know this in advance.

* Common diseases: Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Viral hepatitis, Distemper

WDC Code of Ethics & Obligations prepared by the Team Manager